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Pediatric dentistry

The oral problems of children and adolescents must be treated specifically

The oral problems of children and adolescents must be treated specifically, which is why there is a branch within dentistry called pediatric dentistry or children's dentistry.
< br> If your children have problems such as dental fractures, cavities, malocclusion or tooth anomalies and you are looking for a pediatric dentistry service, we are your clinic.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry or children's dentistry is the branch of dentistry that is responsible for treating oral health problems of children and adolescents. Diagnosis in the early stages of life is essential, since many problems that can appear during the eruption of baby teeth can become worse in later stages, when permanent teeth arrive.

The most common problems treated in pediatric dentistry are cavities, trauma, malocclusion problems, and congenital alterations in the number, size, shape, structure or color of the teeth.

When to go to the pediatric dentist

Although it was previously recommended that the first visit to the pediatric dentist be from 2 or 3 years of age, it is currently recommended that this visit occur before the child's first year of life. This will ensure that children who get used to these visits lose their fear of the dentist and know the importance of taking care of their mouth and teeth, learning good hygiene and eating habits.

Pediatric dentistry also manages to detect bad habits such as the use of a pacifier or thumb sucking, as well as solve common problems such as cavities, eruption problems, dental malpositions, trauma, etc.

Whatever the age of the child, it is essential that parents visit a pediatric dentist as soon as possible if they notice changes in the color of their baby teeth or if trauma has occurred.

Children's dentist

Pediatric dentists, pediatric dentists, or children's dentists are oral health professionals who comprehensively prevent and treat the dental health of minors, from birth to adolescence.

These dental professionals carry out techniques and methods different from those applied to adults and make use of specific knowledge, since it should be noted that the teeth and mouth of minors are in a constant process of formation and development, and Dental problems in children are different from those in adults.

Why choose us for pediatric dentistry?

In our clinic we are specialists in pediatric dentistry. We have the most qualified and committed staff to offer the little ones in the house the best care so that their visit to the dentist is as least traumatic and as effective as possible.

Our wide range of dentists, specialists, hygienists and assistants, specialists in pediatric dentistry, provide confidence and peace of mind to our patients, offering them the best human treatment.


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