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Dental implants


If you are thinking about dental implants treatment, we are your clinic.

Our experience supports us, as well as our commitment to technological innovation, the best professionals, and minimal surgical invasion. The lack of teeth has a solution, and our team will accompany you throughout the entire process, from diagnosis, advice and final result of your dental implants already placed in your mouth.

Dental implants, what are they?

Dental implants are metal pieces that are placed using a thread inside the upper or lower jaw where the pillar that will support the future artificial tooth will be screwed. Its objective is to replace lost teeth by placing a dental crown or bridge.

It is a permanent solution to tooth loss that provides a natural image and greater comfort and functionality compared to other solutions, such as complete dentures.

The dental implant replaces the root of the tooth and provides stable support. In this treatment, the adjacent teeth are not ground or overloaded, and the teeth are prevented from migrating or protruding.

Why choose us for your dental implant treatment

At Dss Clinic specialists in dental implants, with extensive experience.

Our experts offer our patients the best brands of dental implants, and individually assess their cases to achieve the best results. In our clinic we use digital processes that facilitate and speed up work, such as CAD and CAM technologies. CAD is the technology that allows computer design, while CAM is the technology that allows computer manufacturing of prostheses.

Mejores Marcas e Instrumental Médico

The Start

Nuestra clínica cuenta con un gabinete especialmente diseñado para la atención y comodidad de los más pequeños, así como todo el material necesario para hacer frente a este tipo de tratamientos que requieren de unas necesidades especiales frente a los tratamientos tradicionales.

Profesionales de Prestigio


Contamos con especialistas que gozan de amplia experiencia en la especialidad y en la atención directa con niños de edades tempranas.

Última Tecnología


Disponemos de tecnología de última generación que asegurará el éxito de su tratamiento dental. Las Técnicas más Avanzadas , Pulpotomía, Sellado de fosas y fisuras, ortodoncia interceptiva.


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