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Dental Prosthetics and Oral Rehabilitation

If you are looking to undergo dental prosthesis and oral rehabilitation treatment, we are your clinic.

During our lives, we can lose teeth for various reasons, for example, due to cavities, periodontal disease, trauma or wear. This tooth loss can have serious consequences, which is why it is very important that these lost teeth are replaced with prostheses.

If you are looking to undergo dental prosthetics and oral rehabilitation treatment, we are your clinic.

What is a dental prosthesis

A dental prosthesis is an artificial device personalized to the needs of each patient that is used to restore the loss of one or more teeth.

Its objectives are to reestablish the lost aesthetics, the functionality to chew or pronounce, and avoid problems derived from the loss of teeth (such as the mobility of adjacent teeth, malocclusion, impaction of food in the dental cavities or difficulty in carrying carry out dental hygiene correctly).

Dental prostheses are made in the laboratory by a dental technician following the instructions of the dentist, who will subsequently place the prosthesis, since he is the only one qualified and legally authorized to work directly in the patient's mouth. .

Types of dental prosthesis

Fixed dental prostheses

Fixed dental prostheses are those that, once placed by the dentist, cannot be removed by the patient, only by the professional.

These prostheses are anchored on the patient's teeth, which have previously had to be carved to leave a space for the crown or cap that will be placed on top, and cemented.

The prostheses can be a single crown if it is placed on a tooth in poor condition or with poor esthetics, or a bridge when several missing teeth must be treated, so that the Anchorage is done on the adjacent teeth that are preserved.

Removable dentures

Removable dental prostheses are those that the patient himself can remove to clean them. There are two types:

Partial removable prostheses are those that are used when the patient retains some teeth and molars and replaces and completes the rest with the prosthesis. They can be made of acrylic or metal.
Complete removable prostheses are used when the patient does not have any teeth and the prosthesis replaces them all. They cover the bone crest and in the upper jaw they cover the entire hard palate to reinforce support.

Prosthetics on implants

Implant-supported prostheses are those crowns, bridges or complete prostheses that, instead of being placed on top of a carved tooth or attached to adjacent teeth, are held thanks to an osseointegrated implant, anchoring on top of them.

Implant-supported prostheses generally refer to those dental prostheses that replace all the teeth in one or both of the patient's arches. This type of implant-supported prosthesis treatment is used to carry out complete rehabilitations.

Within implant-supported prostheses, we find the following categories of prostheses according to their size and way of placement:

Dental prosthesis laboratory

Our clinic collaborates with several highly qualified laboratories for oral rehabilitation.

The structures that are placed on the implants and support the prostheses must rest on the implants without transmitting stress, so to achieve this we apply CAD and CAM technologies, which allow prostheses to be designed and manufactured by computer.

This computer-aided design and manufacturing technology allows us to perform dental restorations in a single day, without the need for multiple visits by the patient.

Likewise, these technologies allow us to dispense with the annoying pastes that once caused rejection in our patients, and gain precision and duration in the treatments.

Why choose us for dental prosthetics and oral rehabilitation

In our clinic we have the best equipment, the most innovative technology and the most discreet techniques on the market in dental prostheses.

With us you will get the best smile thanks to the different varieties of dental prostheses and oral rehabilitation, since our specialists evaluate which technique best suits each patient in order to offer the best solution for each case.

Our wide range of dentists with specialty in occlusion and oral rehabilitation, specialists, hygienists and assistants, are qualified and committed to the well-being of our patients, which provides confidence and guarantee of effectiveness to our patients.


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